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17 year old me 3 years ago thought her life was over, thought her future had ended, thought all possiblites were impossible to achieve, thought things would never get better, thought she'd never get an education or be able to drive, thought the pain would never end. 20 year old me now realises her life was just beginning, her opportunities are endless, she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to, that all these difficulties she has faced have turned her into a Strong, Powerful, Mature Young Woman who appreciates all the little things in life. That this new path in life has given her bigger and better opportunities for the future. That a disability does not define who you are! Your ability to do things does! She can't imagine her life any other way nor would she want to, experiencing what she has is what's made her who she is, the people she's met and the friendships she's created amaze her. She's a survivor, she survives everyday and lives it like it&#

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